My Top 10 Favorite Tom Petty Songs

I’ve been a Tom Petty fan since I was 7. I used to have an old cassette player with a Greatest Hits tape and I wore that baby out. I’ve always stuck with him through the years, even went to see him play 3 times. The man was a legend and I will sincerely miss him. So even though it was extremely difficult to do, here are my 10 favorite Tom Petty songs of all time.

By the way, there are many that were left out, but they certainly are awesome. Realistically you could take this list of songs and put it in any order, they’re all great.

10. You Don’t Know How it Feels

The song was from the Wildflowers album released in 1994 and has a real slow and mellow tempo with a nice bass drum beat throughout. Although I know little about rolling joints, this song really puts you in the mood to mellow out and relax.

9. I Need to Know

Well the talk on the street says you might go solo. I love the fast tempo and rhythm of this song. It was from the album You’re Gonna Get It. Probably should be higher on the list, but meh… they’re all hits man.

8. Refugee

It’s true. You don’t have to live like a Refugee. This song had tons of work put into it and when it released on the Damn the Torpedoes album in 1979 it was a huge part of the album success.

7. The Last DJ

This song is deep, the lyrics speak about the corporate greed in the music business. The Last DJ was a great, catchy tune that dropped in 2002 on the album of the same name. Awesome stuff.

6. You Wreck Me

You Wreck Me is yet another hit from the Wildflowers album. It has one of the best Chorus sections of any Tom Petty songs ever.

5. Jammin Me

Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough) was the album this gem was featured on. It was released in 1987 and I’ve loved it ever since.

4. The Waiting

Don’t it feel like heaven right now? It really does. The Waiting was released in 1981 on the Hard Promises album. A perfect way to start an album and one of my faves.

3. American Girl

Many of you may not know, but American Girl was actually the final song he ever performed live at a show. It’s a true great from the early days. It was the final track on their self titled debut album.

2. Mary Janes Last Dance

This song was released on the Tom Pettys Greatest Hits album in 1993. Tom questioned putting it on the album because it couldn’t be considered a hit considering it was a new song. Despite this, it ended up a huge hit anyway.

1. Running Down a Dream

The song from Toms solo album Full Moon Fever is my all time favorite. Always loved it and always will. Truly the best of the best.

What is your favorite Tom Petty song? Put it below in the comments.

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